Earn a competitive salary.  To learn more about our pay structure and view our salary range, please visit the Compensation page of our Human Resources website.


UMoffers a wide array of retirement options to help you meet your financial goals.  Visit our Retirement site to view the different options.

Health and Wellness

Learn how to get and be well with our employee wellness program,RebelWell! RebelWell provides health, nutrition and wellness education and opportunities to employees of all levels - beginners to advanced.

Professional Development

Our Learning + Development team offers a wide range of professional development and career growth resources.  Visit the Development page for more information.


Find the right work/life balance: view the various ways our institution supports you in living and working in the most fulfilling way.

Tuition Assistance

At UM, we put education first! We offer generous tuition reimbursement plans for you and your family. View our Benefits Booklet and read more about our tuition reimbursement program.